Sophie's Turn - Nicky Wells

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Title - Sophie's Turn
Author - Nicky Wells
Genre - Chick Lit, Romance
Date published  - July 9th 2011
Publisher -  Nicky Wells
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages -
Rating - 4 out of 5
Before starting my review on this amazing book, I have two things to confess: First I am a sucker for chick-lit books and second, I just love music and rockstars! So what happens when I see these two combined! THE INEVITABLE - I LOVE THE BOOK!

Sophie Penhalligan is a journalist working for the Read London. She has a steady relationship for two years with Tim, and is waiting for him to propose. Tim is everything a girl would possible want and life with him would be safe, secure, cozy. Wait a that what she really wants?
Oh, there were times when she felt live and wild, times when she ended up following "Tusk" on their Tour. And Dan..the-yummy-wan't-to-die-for Dan! She still remembers him, even after ten years!
But what happens when she sees him again? Is her comfortable relationship with Tim in danger? Could it be she still has feelings for Dan "The wild thing"?
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Through flash backs and virtuous past-present switching, Nicky Wells is going to entertain you and make you love her characters! Though this is her debut, I have to say Nicky did a great job in creating a funny, witty, warm modern romance story, full of twists and turns.
I confess, I didn't like Sophie at the beginning but by the end of the book I felt I could understand her and her confusion, and actually imagine myself in her shoes. I loved her best friend Rachel and the relationship she has with her. As for my favorite character, it would definitely be DAN! Yummy, wild but warm..I really want to read about this rockstar more. And speaking of more, I overheard Nicky is working on the sequel, so keep your fingers crossed guys! Let's hope we will see more of Dan, I promise you, you will love him!

This surely is a very amusing and interesting book, and I highly recommend it to everyone!
Oh wild thing, you make my heart sing!

I am proud to be an Associate Reader of Mrs Wells at and I am truly grateful for the copy of this book I received. To find out more about Mrs Wells, visit her PAGE

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    Hi Ananda! Thank you so much for this amazing and glowing review. I am delighted that you enjoyed Sophie's Turn so much... :-) Your enjoyment makes my day. X Thanks for your time and your support here and at Rock On! (and watch out for that sequel in a few months' time...)XX

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