The Bringer - Samantha Towle

Monday, November 7, 2011
Title - The Bringer
Author - Samantha Towle
Genre - Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Date published -   May 4th 2011
Publisher -  CreateSpace
Format - Paperback
Pages -236
Rating - 3 out of 5

"Are you an angel?"
"If I had a penny for every time I've been asked that, well not that pennies are of any use to me, but still. No. I'm not an angel. But I am the one who's here to take you to the angels."

Lucyna is a Bringer, someone who's job is to deliver humans to the door of Heaven. She can't feel..I mean, she is not entitled to feel sorrow, grief, pain. She does understand humans and their feelings, but actually can't sympathize with them and what they are going through while finding out they're dead and about to leave their loved ones. Yes, it's a difficult job, but that's the only thing Lucyna does.
But everything changes for her one day when she "meets" James. She is changed irreversibly!
Could it be she is actually starting to feel? Could it be she is starting to have emotions? Why does she feel she can't bear to be without James?
I did like this book, speaking generally, but since I am giving it 3/5 there must have been few things I didn't like.
Well for start, I really think the story was interesting, but I had difficulties in getting into it completely. Lucyna is confused, that I understand. And I perfectly understand what she is going through, and though I liked the descriptions of her inner turmoil, I think the author over emphasized it.
Another thing which I think this read is missing, though this is totally subjective, is more dialogue. It seemed to me that the author manipulates well the description and the psychology of her characters, but still I felt certain lack of dialogues, which could've made me enjoy this book more.
However it was an interesting book, and I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given to read it. Thank you PNR&UFF group on Goodreads and thank you Samantha for generously giving me a copy of this book.

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