The Christmas Phoenix - Patricia Kiyono

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Title - The Christmas Phoenix
Author - Patricia Kiyono
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Date published - November 24th 2011
Publisher - Astraea Press
Format - Kinde Edition
Pages - 
Author's website -
Rating - 3 out of 5
Christmas is all about giving, about family and spending quality time together..and about new beginnings.

Jess' life is not easy. Being a single parent to her 14 year old son,after losing her husband means she is in charge about everything. This means working a lot just to put some food on the table. No wonder she feels exhausted, having two jobs, a teenage son and no partner to help her out.
Jake Thompson has just moved into the neighborhood, coming to this town so he would "heal" his wounds and recover from a disastrous relationship.
One can say, both Jess and Jake have been hurt enough in life. But Christmas is a time for miracles to happen. They both have been mourning and suffering for far too long.
Will they rise from ashes just like a phoenix?

This short and sweet story is not only about love, but about family as well. I really felt sorry for Jess and everything she's been through. She is a lovely mother, warm and caring. My heart was really breaking when I was reading certain parts of the book.
My only complaint would be that the story was too slow paced for my taste in the beginning. However, I enjoyed it! It really made me think of life, priorities, second chances, forgetting and forgiving.
Definitely would love to read more by Mrs Kiyono. 

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  1. Lavada Dee said...:

    I love romance and family stories. Great review

  1. So glad you enjoyed my novella! I'll be sure to share my next release when it comes out.

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