The Key - Felicia Rogers

Sunday, November 27, 2011
Title - The Key
Author - Felicia Rogers
Genre - Paranormal, Young Adult
Date published  -    December 16th 2010
Publisher -  Solstice Publishing
Format - Kinde edition
Pages - 
Rating - 3 out of 5

I want to thank the author and the R2R program for giving me a copy of this book.

Reviewing this book is really going to be hard for me. WHY?
If you check this book on Goodreads you will see it as part of a List BOOKS THAT GET YOU HOOKED. Well, I agree, this book got me hooked from the very first page, though I am not really sure why. Now don't go judging me, but I personally don't think the story is original, it did remind me a lot of TWILIGHT, and I did have some issues that bothered me a lot. But before explaining the WHY's for not thoroughly enjoying this book, let me say few words regarding the plot.

Maddie just moved to a new town to live with her grand-mother. She is a senior attending the local High School, and of course, she feels like an outcast. Everyone out there seems to belong to a group, or already has a lot of friends. Two months after her arrival, Chase Donovan, also a senior starts attending the same school. He seems to like her from the very first day, though he is not quite sure why. Dougal Lachlan is the weirdo, the creep that is constantly stalking Maddie, staring at her for hours and making her feel very uncomfortable. From the very first day he arrives at the school, Chase becomes Maddie's protector, getting even into a fight with the weird Dougal guy.
Why does he feel so over protective over a girl he'd just met?
Well sure, it could be love..but it could also be the fact that Maddie is THE KEY.
Gryphons, mythological creatures, nightmares, shifters and of course, romance..this book has it all.

And now I come to the part "why I rated this book 3/5?"
First thing that bothered me was the plot resemblance with some other paranormal books. I don't know, it just didn't feel the story was original (though there were Gryphons involved).
But what bothered me the most were the dialogues between Chase and Maddie, and some of the other reviewers seem to "see" this as a problem as well. Well, Chase and Maddie are supposed to be 18, but somehow I felt them as they were grown ups. What I love the most in YA books is the teenage spirit, behavior, problems, way they act when in love..well, in this book it seems like the characters were not developed in the right direction. They surely don't seem like teenagers to me (or am I just old fashioned? Hmmm) .
Despite the flows I think the book has, I did enjoy it, especially the first half of the book. The second part I found a bit slow paced.
So, do I recommend this book? Well...YES.
Would I read the sequel 'Mara's Secret'? Oh absolutely! 

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