Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark, #1) - Dave Ferraro

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Title - Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark, #1
Author - Dave Ferraro
Genre -Urban Fantasy
Date published -  April 9th 2011
Publisher -  Dave Ferraro
Format - e-book
Pages - 380
Rating - 2 out of 5

I was hesitating about writing a review for this book, mainly because of the poor rating I am giving it. In my short history of blogging and visiting other people's blogs I see that some people would rather skip reviewing a book they didn't like much, than giving a negative review. Well, not my way of doing things. First, because I want to write down my thoughts and opinion on a book, good or bad, and second because I believe an honest review is what the authors are after.

So, what's this book about?

Name: Shanna Hunt
Age: 18 
Previous job: Part-time waitress
Current job: Demon-hunter at "The Agency"
Shanna Hunt lost her parents seven years ago, when they were killed by Demons. Since then, though she is trying to lead a normal life she is after those that killed her family and the evil that threatens Humans. One day she is called to work for The Agency together with people who fight werewolves, vampires, witches, shape-shifters. Together they work as a team hunting down every thread and risking their own lives.

Yes, seems like there's a lot of meat to the story. I must say I did have big expectations because I loved the beginning. The story seems to contain lots of genre elements, from paranormal to action, though I would personally enjoy it more if it were more romance elements included. However, the lack of romance isn't the main reason why I didn't enjoy this book so much. 
Though I do love Paranormal and Urban Fantasy books, I really had a hard time coping with so many characters and creatures, vampires, demons, witches, shape-shifters. This seemed a LOT for me to digest.
Shanna hunts Demons.
Jordan hunts werewolves.
Cameroon hunts shape-shifters.
Amelia hunts witches.
Believe me, I needed to write all this down, so I wouldn't be confused and could understand the plot.
Also, I think some of the dialogue and the descriptions in the book were irrelevant to the story, and made it seem (at least to me) boring at times.
Having in mind that this is the first book in the series to come, I would really like to read the sequel and see on which characters the author is going to concentrate. I really liked Shanna and her energy and I would love to read more about her.
My rating

Elemental: The First - Alexandra May

Monday, October 24, 2011

Title - Elemental: The First
Author - Alexandra May
Genre -Young adult, Paranormal
Date published - July 22nd 2011
Publisher - Pauma Publishing
Format - Paperback
Pages - 280
Rating - 4 out of 5
I would like to thank the PNR&UFF group on Goodreads and the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is Alexandra May's debut and I am glad I found another new and talented author. I really didn't know what to expect from it. I was pretty much sure about one thing though - I love the cover. However I am not the type of person that judges a book by the cover, yet I must admit a good cover always seems to catch my eye.
The plot is centered around Rose Frost, who has just been told the news that she is about to spend her summer with her grandmother whom she really doesn't know well and haven't seen for years. The reason behind this is her dad's work. He is a geologist working for the government traveling around the world looking for rare metals, so they move a lot.
Rose is on her way to Wiltshire, England feeling her life would never be the same again. Though the town seems friendly and she enjoys seeing her friends again, some things are about to shatter the life she was used to. Illusions, lies, romance, mystery and action - this book has it all.
While reading the synopsis on Goodreads before actually reading this book I imagined Rose as a strong person who doesn't give her trust to people easily. However, my impressions after reading this book were contrary to this, I have the feeling Rose is a fragile girl, afraid to use her powers and gift to heal and a bit confused. Indecisive at moments, especially when speaking of Morgan and Aiden, two boys she likes and feels strongly attracted to. Morgan and Aiden are just like water and oil, can't mix 'em. They hate each other, but by the end of the book you will see the reason behind this. And I must say, there is a BIG reason.
This is the part that intrigued me the most. I liked Morgan because he was gentle and really sweet, but Aiden with that "bad boy" written on his face and bad reputation in his town was just a tiny bit more intriguing to me.But who will she trust?I didn't mind Rose's hesitation, I've seen this in many YA books and it's something I would pretty much assign to teenage years, but the end of the book surprised me and even disappointed me a bit.
Still, knowing that this book is the first one in the series to come I look forward to Alexandra's explanations and to the sequel. I really loved how she managed to create a story with so many different genre elements, paranormal, romance, mystery and yet make it so enjoyable to read.

My rating:

Enchantment - Charlotte Abel

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Title - Enchantment
Author - Charlotte Abel
Genre - Fantasy
Date published - June 23rd 2011
Publisher - Charlotte Abel
Format - e-book
Pages - 373
Rating - 4 out of 5

First off, thank you PNR&UFF group on Goodreads and thank you Charlotte for giving me a copy of this book! I really liked it!
Now off to my review of this book.
Channie A.K.A. Enchantment is a mage. She can cast spells, do that curse thing plus is great looking

This could be her, (without the strange looking ears), long white-blonde hair and green eyes. Everything changes for her one day when her family is forced to move out to Colorado because of her dad's debts (yes, her dad is a mag and has debts because he is addicted to gambling). Forced to live with the Empties (Magically Disabled Persons i.e. normal people) she is forced to change her name, her powers..but is on her way to find out more about life. And when I say life, I mean boys! That's when Josh enters the picture, the cute boy with deep blue eyes.

I have to admit, it was a strange experience reading this book. It's an interesting mixture of paranormal and YA. I really liked Channie and Josh, but I would most definitely enjoy this book more if I was into mags and the whole no-talk spells, no-tears spells, etc, etc. Yes, I know the book is labeled as "fantasy", yet it was a bit too much for me.
However the author did a great job in describing the relationship between Channie and her parents, and boy oh boy, got me mad at them on many occasions. But I guess that was just the authors intention. There were few lines in the book I loved, and I even wrote down one so I won't forget it.
"Magic is powerful, but nothing is more powerful than love".
Don't you just love the sound of that?

My rating:

Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?: Breaking the Cultural Mirror - Jocelyn Hamsher

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Title:  Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?: Breaking the Cultural Mirror
Author - Jocelyn Hamsher 
Genre - non-fiction 
Expected publication: January 1st 2012 
Publisher - Barbour Publishing, Incorporated  
Format - Paperback 
Pages - 176 
Author's website - 
Rating - 5 out of 5 

I received this arc through NetGalley and I would like to thank the publisher and the author for giving me a copy of this book.
Ok. Is there a lady out here that hasn't asked herself the question - Do these jeans make me look fat? Well, I am not one of them. I am actually one of those that is frequently asking herself this question. I know..I know.. I shouldn't obsesses with it, but how to fight it?
This was such an easy and nice book. I totally loved it!
I must admit I recognized myself on many occasions.My obsession to look good, to satisfy God knows what criteria..Well, this book did open my eyes a bit.
I won't go that far in saying it will tell you something you don't already know , but the way the author puts it - it becomes too clear!

Why the poor view of our bodies?
Why the obsession?
Why the neglect?
Whose standards are we using to define ourselves?

Yes, we need to love ourselves before expecting someone else to love us! It's not selfish, it's accepting the love The Creator has for us. We need to finally accept change as inevitable part of our lives and love ourselves because of WHO WE ARE not 'cause of what size do we fit into.
As the author says - Change may find us, but it doesn't define us.
No matter if you believe in God, Jesus, Buddha, the Universal energy..Mother Earth, your attitude towards life is what sculpts you. That is the reason behind you failures and successes. When it comes to the weight issue and the images of IDEAL WEIGHT we create in our minds, the society does play a big role in it. Do we really need to answer some criteria? Or are we here to enjoy life the way it is? Do we want to be thin, or be healthy? There sure is a big difference.
Just think about it!

My rating:

The Calling - Ashley Lynn Willis

Saturday, October 15, 2011
 Title - The Calling
Author - Ashley Lynn Willis
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Date published - October 12th 2011
Publisher -  
Format - e-book   
Pages - 360
Rating - 4 out of 5

What's the first image that pops into my mind now that I read the book?

Yes, that's the one! Two alpha males having the fight of their lives.
On the left we have Ty (and I will quote the author on this) the prick or the selfish bastard. On the right we have Justin who obviously has certain advantages over Ty, among which the fact that he is the gifted one and can manipulate waves.
So what are they fighting for? A FEMALE!
And in this story that would be Mandy. She's went through lot in her life..a mastectomy a year ago and a terrible break up. Yeah, that monkey on the left, Ty, dumped her soon after finding out Mandy had a breast cancer. What an idiot!
But Justin is something different. He is protective, yet has deep and sincere emotions for Mandy, the only problem being there is the fact he is Ty's friend.
I really enjoyed reading this book. Didn't get me sucked in from the very begging though, because I really think the author went into much details explaining the day Justin saved the kid from drowning. But as the story evolved I found it very interesting and captivating. Some might think that the story deserved more paranormal elements to it, but I loved it the way it is. I admire Mandy and found Justin very, very cute.
The book also includes some hot, spicy scenes, but I wouldn't go that far in including it in the erotica genre. Yet, they did make me blush one several occasions, but on the other hand the author sure described well the passion between Mandy and Justin. I could feel the "electricity" even through my reader.
Overall, I think the author did a great job and knowing this is her debut I bet her books are going to get just better in the future. I sure hope to read more from Ashley.

My rating: 


Give Me, a fairy tale - L.K. Rigel

Monday, October 10, 2011

Title - Give Me, a fairy tale
Author - L.K. Rigel
Genre - Paranormal
Date published - August 31st 2011
Publisher - LK Rigel
Format - e-book
Pages - 66
Author's website - http://www.lkrigel.com/ 
Rating - 4 out of 5
I would like to thank the PNR&UFF group on Goodreads and the author for giving me a copy of this book. I absolutely enjoyed it.
If I should use only one word to express what I think about this book, it would probably be

Yeah, that's the word..and the expression.
I am not much into fairy stories, but I was really captivated by this one. I guess it's all due to L.K.'s great talent in leading the story from past to present, creating a story within the story.
 "Silver and gold find you
Silver and gold bind you
Serve not desire, but enhance delight
All will be well, all will be right" 

Don't you just LOVE these words? It's freakin' poetry!!!

For all you fairy lovers (and those that are like me, not that much into fairies) L.K. has a great story to tell. Story about the past and the present, story about Gods and fairies, story about lovers separated from each other for centuries.
Lilith Evergreen just got dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to leave home for a vacation, but ends up running toward her destiny instead. Connecting the past and the present, Lilith and Diantha, Cade and Galen, the story will take you on an enchanted journey to a world where everything is possible...
Welcome to Dumnos, a magical fairyland!

My rating: