Too Much Trouble in Paradise - Michelle Betham

Saturday, January 21, 2012
Title - Too Much Trouble in Paradise
Author - Michelle Betham
Genre -Chick lit
Date published -   June 14th 2011
Publisher -  
Format -Kindle edition
Pages -
Rating - 4 out of 5

Molly Parker used to be a DWAG (Darts wife and girlfriend). After finding out that her husband, famous pro dart player Paul “Bad Lad” Parker is also a naughty lad behind her back, she decides to divorce him. She needs a new life, somewhere far, far away from the painful memories and her unfaithful husband. So, she leaves England and moves to Tenerife with her best friend Fran.
For a while, things just couldn’t be more perfect! She’s at this beautiful, exotic place, starting a fabulous new life, finding a job she loves… oh, and not to forget she’s soon-to-be-married AGAIN, but this time to an absolutely hot and charming Spanish guy Antonio.
Well, few of her friends seem a bit surprised she’s getting married so soon after her divorce, but you just can’t stop love, right? She does love Antonio, does she? Or maybe deep down inside she’s just trying to get her “revenge”?
You might think Molly is one lucky lady and that finally she found her Paradise on Earth. I thought so too, but then trouble walks into Paradise, her ex-husband Paul shows up out of the blue, saying he still loves her and wants her back!
Decisions, decisions, decisions… Who will she choose to be with at the end?
Too much Trouble in Paradise is a lovely chick lit book and I had lots of fun reading it. Molly is sweet and loveable character, though at times absolutely torn and confused, but then again, who wouldn’t feel this way if they were in her shoes. I admire the fact she had the courage to start a new life and have her smile back so soon after the divorce. I loved her energy, optimism and big heart. As for the two men in this story… oh they will really get you crazy. I admit, I didn’t like Paul at the beginning. He seems to enjoy fame too much and is not bothered with how Molly feels about the female fans stalking him. However, you will see his softer side, later on. As for Antonio, I found him absolutely adorable!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, great chick lit that will relax you, make you smile and dream of sunny islands, cocktails…and darts!:)  
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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Lovely review, Ananda, thanks for bringing us one of Michelle's intriguing books. It's on my wishlist... XXX Can't wait, sounds just like my kinda thing. :-)

  1. Silvy said...:

    Great review A.,this book is on my wish list.

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