Kill me Now! - Lawrence Fisher

Monday, January 30, 2012
Title - Kill Me Now!: A Middle Aged Man's Maneuvers 
through the Frontline of the Dating Battlefield
Author - Lawrence Fisher
Genre - Humor
Date published - October 17th 2011
Publisher -  iUniverse, Incorporated
Format - Paperback
Pages -168
Author's website -
Rating - 4 out of 5

It is more 3.5 stars, but will round it and just rate it 4 stars.

"My name is Lawrence, I'm in my late forties and I am single! It sounds like an introduction line from an AA meeting, but it's true!
How did I manage to stay single until such a late age without getting married, you ask? Well, some friends tell me I'm the luckiest dude living on this planet, but some say I am missing something. "

Ok, what is this book about? It's about Lawrence, a man in his late 40s and his quest for the one. After breaking up with the love of his life, Lawrence is trying to get back into "the dating game". While this game may be fun, it also has lots of rules and signals one has to decode. So, Lawrence is on a quest, trying out different dating sites and social medias to approach a normal, caring, loving woman..THE ONE! Is he going to find her?

It was such a fun reading about Lawrence and the many humorous situations in which he finds himself in. First off, so far in my history of reading I don't recall reading a book like this. A book which offers a man's perspective on dating. I never really thought men analyze us women so much.:) Lawrence is comparing dating to battlefield, which is also a comparison I couldn't exactly relate to, but then again, it could be the fact it's been long time since I've dated.

However, I found this book very original, funny and entertaining. I read it in just few hours and really liked Lawrence. He might seem a bit bitter at times (at least that's my opinion), but you can feel he DOES care about love and women. I sometimes thought he cares even too much, trying to decode everything a woman does, or tells him, each message or e-mail he gets.

Overall, reading this book was quite an experience. I was literally cheering for Lawrence and hoped he will find the ONE. Will he? Oh that's something you have to find out for yourself:) I sure hope I will read more from Mr Fisher soon.  

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