Polls Apart - Clare Stephen - Johnston

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
 Title - Polls Apart
Author - Clare Stephen - Johnston
Genre - Thriller
Date published -   September 1st 2011
Publisher -  Thames River Press
Format - Paperback
Pages - 200
Rating - 5 out of 5

Is this book really a debut? *goes to get the book from the shelf. Checks the cover. Doesn't believe her eyes!*
OH-MY-GOD! this is really a debut! Clare Stephen-Johnston began writing fiction in 2008, and Polls Apart is her first novel - says the cover. But trust me, when you read it you gonna be as surprised as I am, because you will have the feeling this is the 10th book the author has written!

World of show business and politics... within these worlds there is no reality, only illusions.

Politics, affairs, sex scandals, intrigue... this book has it all! Anna Lloyd is a 37 year old actress married to Richard Williams, the leader of Social Democratic Party (SDP). Richard is running for a Prime Minister, but things gonna get really nasty as newspapers start revealing some very unpleasant news about his wife's life. Anna really had a tough childhood, growing up with a mother who was alcoholic and being left by her dad when she was only 8. As if this isn't already a tragedy, her stepfather is staring to sexually abuse her and her sister Libby. Life seems a real hell for Anna and her sister, abused everyday and no sign of their mother to help. What a B**** their mother! The girls are forced to defend themselves and one day they kill their stepfather. They spend 2 years in Juvenile Center, but this is actually first time in many years they finally feel free. Now, many years later, all of this is back to haunt her because of her husband's elections and the political enemies who are trying to make him resign and quit the elections.

Is power more important than love? Is politics gonna end up a happy marriage and destroy two people that love each other and share the same dream?

This is a fantastic political thriller, fast paced and absolutely intriguing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think Clare Stephen-Johnston is amazingly talented author with a unique writing style. I never liked politics, and this book just prove to me what I already knew - There's nothing more important in life than love and family. What I admired the most is the fact the author puts so much life into her characters (especially in Anna's character). It's really easy to relate to her, to feel her pain, and I have to admit, while reading the parts about the abuse, I had tears in my eyes. It's just so so sad and frustrating to think there are many women out there who experience the hell she's going through. In the beginning, Anna seemed wild, rebellious, free , but as you get to know her history you will start seeing her in a completely new light. She's not a survivor you want to pity, she's a FIGHTER!

This book is a real page turner and without any doubt I recommend it to everyone! I really hope Clare will surprise us soon with another fantastic, gripping book.  I sure can't wait!

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  1. Gem said...:

    Ooh this sounds great, nice to actually see some more UK based thriller writers emerging, will be keeping an eye out for this, great review!

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