Blank Slate Kate - Heather Wardell

Monday, January 9, 2012
Title - Blank Slate Kate
Author - Heather Wardell
Genre - Chick lit
Date published -  November 24th 2011
Publisher -  Heather Wardell
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages -
Author's website -
Rating - 5 out of 5

"I don't know who I am.
I'm in a strange man's bedroom,with no idea who I am."

Kate sure is having the worst day of her life. She wakes up next to a stranger, no clothes on and no memory of how she ended up there! But to make things worse, she thinks she is 17 years old, while the mirror shows a mature woman in her 30's. She has no idea what's going on, why is she naked next to a stranger and how the hell did she age over night!

Jake, the guy she wakes up next to, tries to explain to her how he found her in front of the bar he works in and how he didn't take any advantage of her "situation". While trying to fill in the blanks of those 15 years she doesn't remember, he starts growing feelings for her. As for Kate, she may not remember who she is, but she definitely likes her hero Jake. BUT things are starting to get complicated as another man enters Kate's life claiming he's her husband and proving her she's not Kate, but Donna Merrill, from Ottawa, a CEO with a successful business!! Will she remember her old life, or continue being Blank Slate Kate - a woman with no memory, but one that can become anyone she wants?

I absolutely LOVED every page of this book! I literally couldn't stop myself from reading it, though I was sure I would be very very sad when I finish it. What I loved the most about it is the fact I couldn't really predict where the story will lead me! It's a perfect chick lit book, intelligently written with characters you will definitely love! The mystery element got me absolutely hooked and I just couldn't wait to find out which path will Kate (or is that Donna) choose. I assume it's too early to say this, since it's January and 2012 has just started, but I am absolutely sure about this - Blank Slate Kate is definitely one of the BEST books I read and will be reading in 2012! Mrs Wardell is an amazingly talented author, and I can't believe this is her 8th book written, but the first one I actually read. What was I doing all this time?? Anyway, one of my New Year's resolutions is READ ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HEATHER WARDELL HAS WRITTEN SO FAR AND ANY BOOK SHE WILL WRITE IN THE FUTURE!
With absolutely no doubt, I recommend this book to all romance and chick lit fans. Hmmmm, actually I recommend this book to EVERYONE! Yes, that's better!:)

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  1. Library cat said...:

    I loved the review! And with that photograph (expressing your feelings :) ), I adore it.

  1. Great review! I just added it my goodreads list. Can't wait to read it.

  1. Aleksandra said...:

    Great review! I'll have to read thisone! I've read so far only one of her books: Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many and I loved it!

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