Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark, #1) - Dave Ferraro

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Title - Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark, #1
Author - Dave Ferraro
Genre -Urban Fantasy
Date published -  April 9th 2011
Publisher -  Dave Ferraro
Format - e-book
Pages - 380
Rating - 2 out of 5

I was hesitating about writing a review for this book, mainly because of the poor rating I am giving it. In my short history of blogging and visiting other people's blogs I see that some people would rather skip reviewing a book they didn't like much, than giving a negative review. Well, not my way of doing things. First, because I want to write down my thoughts and opinion on a book, good or bad, and second because I believe an honest review is what the authors are after.

So, what's this book about?

Name: Shanna Hunt
Age: 18 
Previous job: Part-time waitress
Current job: Demon-hunter at "The Agency"
Shanna Hunt lost her parents seven years ago, when they were killed by Demons. Since then, though she is trying to lead a normal life she is after those that killed her family and the evil that threatens Humans. One day she is called to work for The Agency together with people who fight werewolves, vampires, witches, shape-shifters. Together they work as a team hunting down every thread and risking their own lives.

Yes, seems like there's a lot of meat to the story. I must say I did have big expectations because I loved the beginning. The story seems to contain lots of genre elements, from paranormal to action, though I would personally enjoy it more if it were more romance elements included. However, the lack of romance isn't the main reason why I didn't enjoy this book so much. 
Though I do love Paranormal and Urban Fantasy books, I really had a hard time coping with so many characters and creatures, vampires, demons, witches, shape-shifters. This seemed a LOT for me to digest.
Shanna hunts Demons.
Jordan hunts werewolves.
Cameroon hunts shape-shifters.
Amelia hunts witches.
Believe me, I needed to write all this down, so I wouldn't be confused and could understand the plot.
Also, I think some of the dialogue and the descriptions in the book were irrelevant to the story, and made it seem (at least to me) boring at times.
Having in mind that this is the first book in the series to come, I would really like to read the sequel and see on which characters the author is going to concentrate. I really liked Shanna and her energy and I would love to read more about her.
My rating


  1. Kara said...:

    i agree, i'd rather not do the review than give a bad one, but i'm glad you were honest. you did a good job of reading the book and keeping up with the plot despite it being boring. i like the details you gave without giving away the story. this review was very helpful! hope the next read is more enjoyable :)

  1. Ananda said...:

    Hey Kara, thanks for stopping by:) Hope everything is going great for you:) Well, I created this place mostly so I can treasure my "gems" and I always say-Every book is a diamond, though some diamonds are not my kind:) So, I love sticking to my opinion of a book, but it doesn't mean that someone else will not like it. We can't dispute about tastes:) I just hope I made it clear what parts of the book I didn't like:)

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