The Calling - Ashley Lynn Willis

Saturday, October 15, 2011
 Title - The Calling
Author - Ashley Lynn Willis
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Date published - October 12th 2011
Publisher -  
Format - e-book   
Pages - 360
Rating - 4 out of 5

What's the first image that pops into my mind now that I read the book?

Yes, that's the one! Two alpha males having the fight of their lives.
On the left we have Ty (and I will quote the author on this) the prick or the selfish bastard. On the right we have Justin who obviously has certain advantages over Ty, among which the fact that he is the gifted one and can manipulate waves.
So what are they fighting for? A FEMALE!
And in this story that would be Mandy. She's went through lot in her life..a mastectomy a year ago and a terrible break up. Yeah, that monkey on the left, Ty, dumped her soon after finding out Mandy had a breast cancer. What an idiot!
But Justin is something different. He is protective, yet has deep and sincere emotions for Mandy, the only problem being there is the fact he is Ty's friend.
I really enjoyed reading this book. Didn't get me sucked in from the very begging though, because I really think the author went into much details explaining the day Justin saved the kid from drowning. But as the story evolved I found it very interesting and captivating. Some might think that the story deserved more paranormal elements to it, but I loved it the way it is. I admire Mandy and found Justin very, very cute.
The book also includes some hot, spicy scenes, but I wouldn't go that far in including it in the erotica genre. Yet, they did make me blush one several occasions, but on the other hand the author sure described well the passion between Mandy and Justin. I could feel the "electricity" even through my reader.
Overall, I think the author did a great job and knowing this is her debut I bet her books are going to get just better in the future. I sure hope to read more from Ashley.

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