She tells all - Judah Lee Davis

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Title - She tells all
Author - Judah Lee Davis
Genre -Chick lit
Date published - July 9th 2010
Publisher - Createspace
Format - Paperback
Pages - 230
Rating - 4 out of 5

Madison's life is just a series of failures! She's 29, soon to be 30 and a single mother to a three year old, but her life is a total mess! All she does is constantly changing partners (wonder if she ever heard of AIDS??) and seems she's always attracted to the wrong ones, guys that will just use her and dump her.

Madison is probably the craziest book character I've read about ever! What you're about to read in this book are not just her confessions and mistakes (and boy, she makes many mistakes in life), but her battle to finally overcome some things that keep bringing her at the very bottom. Life was definitely not easy for her, and though you will probably be amazed (or disgusted) by her slutty behavior in the beginning, she will grow on you, if you just give her a chance (at least that happened to me while reading the book).

By leading you in her past, the author will reveal the reasons for Madison's behavior and all the nasty things that damaged her personalty.
All Madison really wants is to be loved, simple as that. She needs attention and affection, don't we all? And though I really didn't approve her behavior and choices throughout the book, I must say I was cheering for her and hoping she will really make something out of her life.

This is a story of a girl who's in desperate need to reinvent herself, story about all the crazy stuff she did, all the pain she's to overcome. I did have few laughs and must say this is really an entertaining read, but though the primary intention of it may be to entertain us, maybe we should look for the message behind it. It's been few weeks now that I read the book, and I really needed to "digest" everything, however I will never forget Madison.
She's one of these book characters you either love or hate. Ok, if love and hate are strong words for you, better to say Madison is someone you will either like or dislike. In my case, it turned out I really like her, but not cause of her wild spirit, or the fact she seems she doesn't care what everyone thinks of her. No, I liked her because I felt the fragile, caring Madison who will unselfishly give everything to those she loves.

I know I'm not supposed to reveal a lot about the plot, especially the ending, but I will just say..GOD, the ending brought tears to my eyes! This is really an entertaining read, but also an emotional one (at least it was for me). I read it in just couple of hours, cover to cover, and definitely recommend it to all chick lit fans. However, there are some phrases and mentions of the "F bomb", so I wouldn't recommend it to readers under the age of 18. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading this review! Thanks so much Ananda!

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    This sounds delightful..and I love that you saw the fragile girl beneath all the crap. I might pick this one up! Great review

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    Great review, I think i'll be adding this to my wish list :)

  1. Ooh, this one sounds really interesting, just like something that I would enjoy. Thanks for bringing my attention to it!

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