Mind Over Matter (ASI #1) - S.J. Clarke

Friday, December 9, 2011
Title - Mind Over Matter (ASI #1)
Author - S.J. Clarke
Genre - Thriller, Paranormal
Date published -  November 4th 2011
Publisher -  MuseItUp Publishing
Format - Paperback
Pages -180
Author's website - http://sjclarke.com/
Rating - 4 out of 5
I really had no expectations from this book since this is Mrs S.J. Clarke's debut novel. All I really knew was that the book contains paranormal elements. But, now after reading it, I have to say I'm impressed!
The book is actually mystery/thriller with a bit of paranormal and it's a very enjoyable fast paced read. The story follows Rebecca, who's daughter disappeared three years ago,but she is starting to have strong visions that will lead her to many discoveries. Dan Cooper, former FBI agent who worked on the case previously but gave up the search, is deciding to help her out again. This time, they are on to something!

A body of another girl is found..
Another one is missing...
Rebecca's daughter is older in her visions, could it mean she is actually alive?

I have to say I'm a character driven reader, I want to "feel" the characters and relate to them. Well, the author sure succeeded in creating an original story with well developed characters. Being a mother myself, I could totally understand Rebecca's pain and her struggle to find Sabrina, and I sympathized with her greatly.
This sure is one of those books that will get you hooked from the first page, suck you in the story completely and leave you sad when you're done reading... because you would want to read more!
There is an adult content, I have to warn you on this (especially the younger population), and I found myself blushing few times, but even the romance parts were well written and implemented in the story just perfectly.
Finally I would like to thank the author and the R2R Program from PNR&UFF group on Goodreads for generously offering me a copy of this book. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next installment. Since I got this one as an e-book I will most definitely buy the paperback as well because I know I would LOVE to reread it again and have it in my collection of books.

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