Elemental: The First - Alexandra May

Monday, October 24, 2011

Title - Elemental: The First
Author - Alexandra May
Genre -Young adult, Paranormal
Date published - July 22nd 2011
Publisher - Pauma Publishing
Format - Paperback
Pages - 280
Rating - 4 out of 5
I would like to thank the PNR&UFF group on Goodreads and the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is Alexandra May's debut and I am glad I found another new and talented author. I really didn't know what to expect from it. I was pretty much sure about one thing though - I love the cover. However I am not the type of person that judges a book by the cover, yet I must admit a good cover always seems to catch my eye.
The plot is centered around Rose Frost, who has just been told the news that she is about to spend her summer with her grandmother whom she really doesn't know well and haven't seen for years. The reason behind this is her dad's work. He is a geologist working for the government traveling around the world looking for rare metals, so they move a lot.
Rose is on her way to Wiltshire, England feeling her life would never be the same again. Though the town seems friendly and she enjoys seeing her friends again, some things are about to shatter the life she was used to. Illusions, lies, romance, mystery and action - this book has it all.
While reading the synopsis on Goodreads before actually reading this book I imagined Rose as a strong person who doesn't give her trust to people easily. However, my impressions after reading this book were contrary to this, I have the feeling Rose is a fragile girl, afraid to use her powers and gift to heal and a bit confused. Indecisive at moments, especially when speaking of Morgan and Aiden, two boys she likes and feels strongly attracted to. Morgan and Aiden are just like water and oil, can't mix 'em. They hate each other, but by the end of the book you will see the reason behind this. And I must say, there is a BIG reason.
This is the part that intrigued me the most. I liked Morgan because he was gentle and really sweet, but Aiden with that "bad boy" written on his face and bad reputation in his town was just a tiny bit more intriguing to me.But who will she trust?I didn't mind Rose's hesitation, I've seen this in many YA books and it's something I would pretty much assign to teenage years, but the end of the book surprised me and even disappointed me a bit.
Still, knowing that this book is the first one in the series to come I look forward to Alexandra's explanations and to the sequel. I really loved how she managed to create a story with so many different genre elements, paranormal, romance, mystery and yet make it so enjoyable to read.

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  1. Ananda said...:

    Thanks Kimberly, glad you like it:)

  1. Linn B Halton said...:

    A good review Ananda, sometimes there is something in a book that disappoints, although it doesn't spoil the read overall. Authors appreciate constructive comments, it's how they learn! I enjoyed reading your review, thanks.

  1. Shaz Goodwin said...:

    This is on my wishlist Ananda after a recommendation from Goodreads ... great review ... it's staying on there :)

    Shaz (Jera's Jamboree)

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